It Was A Very Good Year

This year’s finishes:

One bed size quilt:

This isn’t as wonky as it looks, thank goodness! It’s just that I had trouble hanging it for the photo because it’s bigger than the design wall!

And a number of other quilts for various family, or for things I was teaching, or just because I wanted to:

A few of this year’s 13 donation quilts:

And finally, some table runners, art quilts, etc:

These projects were started this year but still aren’t finished:

Yes, quitting my day job really improved my productivity 😀

17 thoughts on “It Was A Very Good Year

  1. “…or just because I wanted to…”
    Yep, you certainly have that right!
    To have the mental space to create while in the midst of responsibilities (in your case, also quilts for teaching classes), and enjoy a few UFO ‘finishes’ to boot…wow.
    I love seeing all those scrappy bits in your quilts; and such a variety of ways in which to use them.

  2. What a lovely post with so many fabulous quilts! I enjoyed looking at your output/production/creativity. You do amaze me with your inventiveness and willingness to go for it. I can see I need to step up my output of donation quilts; thanks for your inspiration!

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