Donation Quilt Catch-Up

I now belong to THREE groups that make donation quilts, and it may be a bit much.  I’ve decided to focus on the group I’ve been working with the longest, both because it was the original and because we donate the quilts locally.  (I fear there’s some truth to Garrison Keillor’s quip that most donation quilts sent to other countries go to hot climates where their best use is as compost.)

I see from my notes that I fell behind on donation quilts over a year ago due to being over-committed.  Duh.  Anyway, here are my recent attempts to catch up.

I found this panel in the SCRAP BIN at a shop where I teach, so I got it for $1 an ounce! The finished quilt is 34″ x 44″.

This top was started over a year ago when I wanted to experiment with half-rectangle triangles. The finished quilt is 40″ x 48″

This was made from slabs swapped in one of my groups. I spy some orphan blocks incorporated into slabs!

This one was done for leaders and enders, and is going to have to be entitled “Nobody’s Perfect”! Finished size is 34″ x 39″

I made this after starting the blocks as a class demonstration last time I taught “Twinkle”. Finished size is 40″ x 40″

I can just hear somebody saying, “Well!  That certainly is a variety!”  It would be more efficient to make the same pattern multiple times, but I just can’t do it.

What are your favorite donation quilt patterns?


15 thoughts on “Donation Quilt Catch-Up

  1. I love making string blocks. For me it is kind of mindless sewing. Our guild sponsors so many charity groups that do a big variety. Not a fan of those baby quilts that bring the binding from the back of the quilt. I’d rather make my own. Hate sewing with flannel. Last charity quilt was a “Carolina Hurricane” project made by my Queen Bees and the block originated from a guild in California called the Perkiomen block. We used that pattern for Calif fire quilts. Sews up quick.

  2. What a great group of quilts! I am a long-time member of the HeartStrings online group and have made more than a thousand blocks and quilts using the HS “pattern” (9.5″ unfinished diagonal string piecing; 48 blocks for a 54 x 72 quilt). I’ve sent many of the blocks to HS annual sew-ins and I’ve completed many. They’re just right for donate-a-quilt occasions. I persuaded my guild to make HS blocks/tops as the charity project a couple of years ago and we donated 14 quilts to a local transitional living facility.

  3. These quilts are all so different and so beautiful. I especially like the Twinkle quilt. My friends and I are starting a quilt to donate to the Headwaters Sanctuary here in San Antonio. My plan is to make some small quilts for the children’s shelter.

  4. “It would be more efficient to make the same pattern multiple times, but I just can’t do it.”
    Nah, why bother? Afterall each donation cause in unique, why not your approach, too? I mean, using the ’cause’ as a catalyst for experimentation as in your variety of half square triangles quilt is a great way to enjoy the process as well as provide a ‘product’.
    Big pat on the back for such a great output, Zippy!

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