Triangles: What Do You Think?

It all started with this beautiful batik that was ON SALE…And I have quite a collection of batik scraps from other projects, so I decided to make a scrap quilt with colors that would go with the sale fabric. Initially, I made the blocks really scrappy:

Then I made a few that were more controlled and liked them better:

This is just up on the design wall, not sewn, and I’m thinking of taking out the really scrappy ones. They kind of jar my nerves.But, what do you think? It’s good to have opinions from quilty friends!

30 thoughts on “Triangles: What Do You Think?

  1. I like order and pattern so I agree that a whole bunch of the scroppy ones might not be best, but I also ALWAYS put deliberately wonky blocks in my quilts somewhere, so I say keep a few and pop them into random spots. The batiks and double triangles are looking beautiful to my eye. Keep going.

  2. I love your inspiration fabric. I think I would use it as the center triangle in the block and scraps around. Wonderful idea!

  3. I’m partial to scrappy in my approach to quilts, but, I think the way towards using this gorgeous batik is in the more ‘ordered’ look of your triangles. It still satisfies my personal like of ‘scrappy’ without actually being so.
    Great way to deal with batiks. I, too, have had a hard time making sense of how to use such a one as you have shown here in any quilted piece.

  4. Well if a block jars your nerves you should take it out. However I think what have so far looks amazing and what a gorgeous batik you found! I see your comment above and I think that is a brilliant idea of just one scrappy triangle and the rest controlled – adds a little whimsy to the piece 🙂

  5. It’s beautiful. I love batiks AND scrappy quilts, so this is very appealing. I do agree that the ones where the sides are one piece of fabric and not several prints are nicer though. Can’t wait to see it.

    Will you have the entire quilt be the triangles or just a section?I’m about to embark on a queen quilt and open to idea. Thinking medallion but these are beautiful blocks.

  6. Really pretty. I’ve used the batik at the top of the page. It works so much better with your project than in the ones I used it for (though I did manage to get it to work, this is more natural.) If you don’t like the scrappy blocks, you could use them for the back, perhaps?

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