Happy Squares

This quilt was what I designed when I got bundles of two of my favorite collections a while back: Alissa Haight Carlton’s Modern Solids (sadly, they seem to be no longer available) and Allison Glass’s feather-like prints.

modern quilt

Happy Squares

I started with 9-patch blocks composed of 3 inch (finished) squares.  Of course I couldn’t stand to make all the blocks alike. I made some half-square triangle patches to add to the 9-patch blocks. Then I made some big 4-patch blocks from 4-1/2 inch (finished) squares so that they finished the same size as the 9-patch blocks.modern patchwork Finally, I made some 36-patch blocks from 1-1/2 inch (finished) squares to finish the same size as all the other blocks.Happy-36-patch

When it came to laying the blocks out, I separated some of the 9-patch blocks to fit the 4-patch and 36-patch blocks in at interesting places.  Finally, I inserted a 1/4″ strip before adding the last row of squares on each side to make a sort of border.modern quiltI did the quilting freehand on my home machine.  This means I did not mark the diagonals but sewed “sort of” straight from corner to corner in the squares.  I like the less-rigid feel of this technique, but it’s a good example of why it may be unwise to enter modern quilts in traditional quilt shows.  Here again, if I wanted machine-like accuracy I could hire someone to do this on a longarm or even have a machine-generated pantograph design.  In fact, I like both those techniques for some things, but I didn’t want my “happy” quilt to be too-precisely quilted.

This is bright and cheerful, so I’m calling it “Happy Squares”.  What have you been up to?

7 thoughts on “Happy Squares

  1. I always like mixing sizes as you did. But the triangles really make this one, the way they draw the eye all around. And the bit of print, similar print, different colors, adds without taking over. The quarter inch black was the perfect touch. BTW, did I say I like this quilt?

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