4 Quilt Tops–Help Me Choose!

The theme of the Quilt Alliance challenge this year is “Animals We Love”.  It gave me a hard time–I tried for weeks to think of something–then all of a sudden I had more ideas than I knew what to do with!  So here are 4 tops I’ve made, and I need to decide which one to submit.  Please tell me which you think is best!  It may help if you’ll tell me why you like it as well (or why you hate it).  All are 16 inches square, which is a requirement of the challenge.

#1: Cat Circus was designed using EQ7 and made using templates.modern quilt block

#2: Barnyard Whirl was cut freehand.  The black fabric is printed with animal sounds.  (Why do we teach little children to make animal sounds, anyway?  Oops, a digression!)Modern quilt block

#3: We Love Clams will have a thread-sketched cartoon clam (presumably looking worried about all that love) as a focal point when I quilt it.Modern Clamshell Quilt

#4: Untitled (feel free to suggest a title) again with the animal-sounds black fabric.Modern QuiltAnd that’s it!  Yes, I made 4 quilt tops!  Please help me choose one.


15 thoughts on “4 Quilt Tops–Help Me Choose!

  1. I like # 2, Barnyard Whirl, best. I like the color asymmetry and color palate. The free hand cutting makes the design interesting… a bit calmer feel than #4 generates. 🙂

  2. I like number one, partly because of the “mandala” effect…..and of course because of the cats! And I like number two for the colors chosen and the whimsy of the animal sounds on the printed part……number one has slight edge over number two but I like them both……

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