Eye Candy x 10

I’ve been saving this treat, and today is the day.  For those of us who want to escape for a few minutes from holiday-themed anything, here are 10 of my favorite art quilts from this year’s Vermont Quilt Festival.

art quilt

Coves & Islands by Carol Anne Grotian

art quilt

Torrid Dwelling by Molly Upton

Art quilt

Suntreader III by Michael James

Art quilt

Aspens Reaching for Bluebird Skies by Ann Schubert Turner

Art quilt

The Getty by Katie Pasquini Masopust

Art quilt

Remembered Vistas by Jo Diggs

Art quiilt

The Wall, by Pamela Druhen

art quilt

Double Wedding Ring #2 by Mike McNamara

art quilt

Color Waves by Pamela Druhen

art quilt

Detail from Leaves on Klee, by Mabry Benson

Now, get back to work on those holiday gifts 🙂

9 thoughts on “Eye Candy x 10

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