City Park: A Panel Quilt

This quilt started when I saw the central panel at Studio Stitch and it was just too pretty to leave there. It’s actually yardage, not sold as a panel, but of course can be used as a panel.

The fabric is Robert Kaufman “Happy Place”, so I consulted the website of the manufacturer for design ideas. One of their designers had made a wall hanging from this fabric, so that was a good starting place. The trees and balloons were inspired by Jen Kingwell’s “The Avenue” pattern, though I used my own templates rather than hers.

I love the way the print fades from vibrant at the bottom to ethereal toward the sky, so I added additional striped sky. I then put balloons in the sky, with their silver tape strings hanging down into the house area.

Finally, I put a strip of coordinating fabric from the collection on the left side of the panel to balance the design.

Hopefully you can see the lovely bubbles used to quilt the piece. Quilting was done by Linda Nichols. I love this cheerful quilt.

There are a lot of beautiful panels out there now, so I’ll offer a class to “design your own quilt using a panel” at Studio Stitch in June.

Quilt Stats

Name: City Park

Finished size: 56″ x 58″

Designed and made by me, with inspiration from the Robert Kaufman website

Materials: Happy Place fabric by Robert Kaufman, except a leftover scrap for the upper sky and Kaffe fabrics for the balloons and trees. Balloon strings are YLI metallic braid, couched onto the fabric.

Quilted by: Linda Nichols

12 thoughts on “City Park: A Panel Quilt

  1. What a bright, happy quilt! The stripe is perfect at the top, and I love the feeling the balloons and trees give the whole. A great piece of fabric to start the design with.

    • Thanks; it was fun! I’m teaching a “design your own panel quilt” at the shop, though I suspect many people will choose the same panel. It’s so pretty that it’s a good place to start.

  2. I have the same panel, but unlike yours, mine is still all folded up awaiting inspiration. I love the balloons/trees and how you balanced it all out with the side panel. Another fine finish!

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