Oodalolly: A Finish

I’ve been running across pictures of Rachel Hauser’s Oodalolly quilt for years at various places on the internet. I’ve always admired it and though it would be fun to make, but there was no pattern that I could find. Finally I wrote to Rachel to ask about about it and learned that the pattern is in an E-book she wrote to accompany her color course. She acknowledged that I probably didn’t need to take the course but kindly agreed to sell me just the pages of the book that contain the pattern! So here it is, my very own version of Rachel Hauser’s Oodalolly!

No, there isn’t a funny lower right corner, but that corner swung toward me, creating the illusion!

The pattern was just as much fun as it looks like. I learned some things and enjoyed making it, so it’s a win-win. The only “odd” thing about this quilt is that it is NOT made from scraps (OMG!). I bought a fat quarter bundle of Alison Glass fabrics at a sale a while back, and used it for this quilt. I did leave out some of the less vibrant colors, but there was plenty of fabric without them.

The back is made up from a large piece of lightweight upholstery fabric I was given and a few strips of a sheet.

Quilt Stats

Name: Oodalolly

Finished size: 57″ x 73″

Designed by: Rachel Hauser, website here

Made by: me

Quilted by: Linda Nichols

17 thoughts on “Oodalolly: A Finish

  1. What a fantastic result! I think that the fabrics you used were a great choice for this quilt. I can hardly imagine that there were more vibrant choices left out, lol. Your quilt has great movement and energy. Well done! p.s. You are right – it is a little strange that it’s not made from scraps, haha!

  2. Gosh, I’m glad I didn’t miss seeing this quilt! It’s really great. Looks quite improv-y, so it’s surprising to know it’s a pattern. I too would have thought it was make-able with scraps. You picked a nice color palette. I love it.

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