Studio Tour

To my surprise, several people have asked to see my studio, so here goes.

The floor is easy-to-clean vinyl tile and the lighting is industrial shop lights.

First, the story of how I got this big space. When we planned the house, the garage had to be moved to fit everything on the lot. Once the garage was attached to the house, it didn’t cost that much more to build rooms over it. So my studio is over a double garage, making it roughly the size of the entire house in which I grew up. Times change, occasionally for the better.

Yes, that space inside the crudely drawn yellow square is my studio! And just so you know, my husband is holding a quilt out the window from the landing on the stairs for this photo πŸ˜€Β  The studio has windows on 3 sides, which is wonderful for the light but does lead to some issues with heating and cooling.

I have two cutting tables in the middle of the room. Sometimes both are on risers, sometimes just one. Sometimes the second table is used for other crafts.

This is the office nook where I write my blog and edit photos as well as doing other officey-things.

And this is a big storage cabinet I’ve had for many years. My husband put it together from a kit and it has served me well.

My bookcase (which I built myself in a long-ago woodworking class). When the book collection outgrows this space, some books have to go. The items on the top are from my grandparents’ pottery collection and my mother’s basket collection.

Most of my stash is stored in chests like this. I lined the drawers so the fabric doesn’t stay in contact with wood. The chests came from various second hand stores, though I did get one from a family member for 5 cents!

This is the visitor corner. There’s an extra sewing table in close proximity to one of the cutting tables so I can have a friend over to sew together. And that’s my backup sewing machine, a Bernette, that some of my visitors use so they don’t have to drag a machine up the steps.

Another view of the visitor corner showing the reading rocker for visits from my husband and my great-great grandmother’s travel trunk. There’s also a cute vintage sewing box I was recently given. It will be refinished and repaired some day soon.

The studio has multiple nooks built in to make it seem not so cavernous. They will hold built-in cabinets eventually, but the woodworker has a loooong list so for now they hold temporary storage.

And finally, here’s my main sewing area. Putting the SewEzi perpendicular to a large table makes it easier to apply binding to large quilts, among other things.

CAVEAT: The woodworker has a much larger shop in its own building behind the house. I didn’t include pictures of that because I don’t want to give the woodworker in your house any ideas!


24 thoughts on “Studio Tour

  1. Wow!! I love your studio 😍 so much space and room for sewing friends! My space is in a spare bedroom in our house and its carpeted…UGH it’s so hard to keep the floor clean πŸ˜• Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Yes, I get it with the carpet. One of my quilty friends spends most of her on-the-phone time picking threads out of the carpet in her studio. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. It looks so efficient and inviting!
    I have a little 10 x 10 room upstairs and I didn’t have so much as a window A/C in it until four years ago! And my husband has two barns. I am slowly expanding into other areas of the house but it will never be as much space as those barns. πŸ™‚

    • Indeed, the husband has much more space in his shop than I have in my studio, but his toys are bigger. And for many years my studio was a 10 x 10 room, too. It works when it has to, but I really enjoy having room to invite friends over to stitch.

  3. You’ve moved in and settled quite nicely since I’ve visited. Your visitors sewing corner is a great idea! The yellow square helped me to understand the orientation of your studio – I didn’t realize it was over the garages. Fantastic!

  4. Absolutely love the studio tour. Hoping there might be the possibility of a visitor toting a spinning wheel in lieu of a sewing machine when a certain teardrop camper makes its way to your house one of these days.

  5. Oh, I love a nice sewing room tour, and yours is so fun to see. Such a large, nearly cavernous, space in which to create! I’m happy for you to have such luxury, good lighting, and a lovely combination of old, sentimental pieces, and newer things. While it would be fun to share my sewing room space too, I’d take one picture and you’d see it all! Ha, ha. Thanks for sharing! You can share guilt-free, because until you show pictures of a chef’s kitchen, there won’t be any envy on my husband’s part! πŸ™‚

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