Night Sky Finished!

Whew! Night Sky, a Jaybird Quilts pattern, was what we politely call a “challenge”. A friend and I made it together and both used some naughty words.

But here it is, and it looks pretty good.

Night Sky from a pattern by Jaybird Quilts

Here’s a detail of one of the stars.

And the back, which is a leftover sheet from the 1990s! This is also a good place to see the lovely quilting. I think those swirls really add something nice to the quilt.

Quilt Stats

Name: Night Sky

Finished size: 56″ x 64″

Designer: Jaybird Quilts

Made by: me

Quilted by: Linda Nichols

P.S.: take a look at this wonderful pegboard my husband just made for hanging all my rulers, templates, etc, etc. The wood is quarter-sawn white oak, for those of you who care about such things 😉

25 thoughts on “Night Sky Finished!

  1. Night Sky is very pretty, though I can guess how challenging it was to put together… getting all those points joined accurately. That’s one reason to make improv! 🙂 Your husband is very handy with tools, and made a very practical addition to your sewing room. Like you, I prefer to store rulers vertically, so there’s more horizontal surface area for quiltmaking.

  2. I love your “Naughty” Night Sky quilt. Those points look perfect! Do you have any helpful hints as to how to make them come out so precise?
    After reading about the backing, I found some sheets that would be good for some backing…so thanks for the idea. My youngest son is the carpenter in the family so I sent him the picture of the handy pegboard…just a hint…

  3. The quilting swirls make me think of Ban Gogh’s Starry Night. I always wonder when to echo lines and when to contrast when I’m planning quilting. (I’ll admit I usually go with what seems easiest.)

  4. That does look tricky. You are both brave and persistent! The framed pegboard is a great display piece. When the rulers are out they are more likely to be used.

  5. All parts of this are lovely: the swirly quilting, the stars with all their beautiful points, and the wonderful fabric choices. I must also include the pegboard as lovely, too. I’m always fighting the ruler stash; how nice to have it so beautiful organized!

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