Oh Boy, NOW What?

So, I loved the Bauhaus quilt pattern by Bridgette Heitland.  Here is my top finished, waiting to be quilted.

I changed a few blocks just for fun, and re-arranged them, but it’s basically still Brigitte’s design

It looked to me like a perfect quilt to do Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG), so I pulled more fabric and got started.

I really didn’t like these fabrics as well as the brighter colors I used for the previous version, but it was fun to quilt the blocks individually.

After I got all the blocks quilted separately, I arranged them on the design wall.

But when I started joining blocks and adding borders, things went sideways!

Now what? I could remove the quilting and the borders, but I’m thinking I’ll just “redesign” the block arrangement! I know for sure those two striped blocks can’t be left next to each other like that!!!

A friend reported she had a shot of whiskey when she finally finished one of her projects. I’m pretty sure I’ll need one somewhere along in here!

Any ideas for this “slight error” (other than alcohol)?


13 thoughts on “Oh Boy, NOW What?

  1. Sometimes an instantaneous reaction to a piece’s issues can provide insight into its solution. My initial reaction: switch the teal striped ‘row’ of two blocks w the one under it/do the same with the two rows to its left. Then reassess. Also, I’m thinking if all else fails, why not just ‘enclose’ the groups of 4 blocks with the dark blue sashing/border material and then join those 4 large blocks together? More a variation on the theme of Bauhaus, but maybe more manageable?
    My big question for you is this: How are you going to ‘finish’ those backside joins of the pre-quilted blocks?

    • Aha! I could indeed just remove all borders! It’s a class sample so I think that would work. Thanks! And BTY, I just finished a good book by William Kent Kreuger and I think maybe you suggested him.

  2. Oh, I love these sections! Just rotate and rearrange them. Does that help? I’d love to play around with a layout, that’s for sure! I might even add more units, just to make the quilt larger. I love each of these patches – the half circles, the triangles, the stripes. Exactly my kind of design. I know yours will come together beautifully!

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