An Easy Spin

I’ve made several “one block wonder” or “stack and whack” quilts, but when my friend Elisabeth was teaching a stack and whack star at Studio Stitch, I had a hard time not signing up for it. These quilts are so interesting!

Instead, I resurrected the “4-patch posy” idea. I did that pattern years ago, too, and it was fun. I’ve since found another version of it, though I’m sorry to say I can’t find the link any more 😦

I made the 4-patch posy using some Laurel Burch fabric I’ve had forever, and it was a hit! My grandson went right over to it and started looking as soon as he came into the studio.

This was so much fun that I’m going to teach it in January.

Here are the quilt stats:

Name: Rumble in the Jungle

Finished size: 54″ x 54″

Design: Variation of 4-patch posy

Quilted by: Elisabeth Pugh

7 thoughts on “An Easy Spin

  1. I have done one stack and whack–I did the fan pattern. I remember it being really fiddly to layer the fabrics, but loved the moment of laying out each fan and seeing how different they were. Of course it takes the right fabric to get that variety. Some in the class did not. Don’t know if I’ll do another one or not.

  2. Great finish – and such a gloriously goofy grandson you have (this is definitely a compliment).
    Oh and, perhaps you’ll be teaching other classes over the course of 2021? Hmmm, more to choose from….
    (hint-hint: see your email in box)

  3. I’ve never made a stack and whack quilt, as so many of them – that I’ve seen – turn out “mushy,” without contrast. But yours is definitely the exception! Great fabric choices! I’m happy for you to be teaching in January. Will that be your first in-person workshop? Have fun anticipating it.

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