A Send-Off for Some Donation Quilts

These quilts are leaving the closet for their forever homes via donation to various organizations.

Finished quilt is 58″ x 70″

This first quilt (above) is going to Freedom House in Greensboro, where they can use larger sized quilts.

 And these three are going to Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati, where they request all quilts be 40″ square.

This first one is made from orphan blocks, from which I cut circles to be appliqued on the pre-quilted background. I just did meandering on the background, then used machine applique for the circles.

This green one was made from triangle swap blocks done with friends during the past year. The quilting gave me a lot of trouble; I think that was because I used Hobbs 80/20 batting that I’m not used to.

And this final one was a practice piece for a quilt I designed for Studio Stitch.

There! That cleared out the quilt closet a little! On to the next project…

15 thoughts on “A Send-Off for Some Donation Quilts

  1. Oh gosh! Each one of them is so pretty! I know it can sometimes be hard to part with quilts we’ve worked so hard on, especially knowing we’ll never see them again nor know how people are caring for them. But… giving away is such a blessing to them, and you! Pat yourself on the back. You’re a generous person.

    • Thank you, Linda. As a friend recently pointed out, eventually you get to the point that everyone you know has all the quilts they want! In my case, I enjoy making donation quilts so I can try out new techniques.

  2. I like that you ‘hand selected’ certain places to donate your quilts according to what they need and specific requirements. Thoughtful donations add extra cuddle to their recipients IMHO. I especially like that last one!

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