A Little Finish

This is a quilt top I made as I was working out the details of the Lightening pattern I did for Studio Stitch a while back.

This is only 36″ square, so it will be a quilt for Ronald McDonald House in Winston-Salem, where they use this size for incubator covers.

I quilted this on my domestic sewing machine (a Bernina 550). I did not use the BSR stitch regulator primarily because it is packed somewhere in a moving box, though honestly, I don’t feel the need for it. I quilted a meander because it is fast and easy.

My blogging friend Clair pointed out some time ago that gold thread goes with almost any quilt top, and I’ve found that to be true! This is my favorite gold thread because it does look really gold but it is NOT metallic. (Metallic thread can be a bear to quilt with.)

As always, I used Bottom Line in the bobbin. I love that thread! If you have it in black and white you can blend it with almost any backing, though I have bought a few other colors as well.

And FYI, nobody paid me to say all this, and I bought the thread with my own money, etc, etc.

In case you missed it, here’s the quilt for which this was a practice piece. Last I looked Studio Stitch still had the pattern available free with purchase and even had one bundle of fat quarters left of the fabric.

Thanks for reading, and have a good week!


17 thoughts on “A Little Finish

  1. I’ve seen that lightning design a couple of times recently . . . is that a sign that I need to make one? I like your scrappy version!

  2. This is a charming quilt and I love the offset triangles. I always am delighted to see how versatile my favorite quilting shape is, and how much can be done with it. Love the gold thread, too! I wrote my preferences for thread on one of your other posts, but find I am always happy with Magnifico and its cousins (which this thread is).

  3. That sliver of gold thread under the label **does** have a shimmer that I’ll be checking out – as you know, metallic threads are a beast; this could be my next substitute! I wonder, does this come in bronze?

  4. I can see that you had fun — and it’s a lovely quilt with a wonderful purpose.
    Thanks for the information on the threads you used. I have not come across Superior Thread before, but will look out for it online. It seems to be just the thing! (and I love that title of Bottom Line).

  5. Oooh. I hate to say this, but I believe Superior discontinued this thread!! I remember it being on clearance a few months ago… Bottom Line and So Fine are my go-to favorites threads.

    • Oh dear! I just checked the Superior Threads website and I think you’re right! I also have a cone of Superior Metallics Military Gold and will try that next time. I guess I didn’t buy enough of the other to keep them stocking it ☹️

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