A Quilt for A Man (or anyone)

It’s sometimes difficult to think of a quilt design to make for a man, and can be even more difficult to find fabrics that don’t seem too “girly” or cute. Leaving aside the options of fabrics featuring beer labels or half naked women, I thought muted blue and brown would be a good option.

And of course, Studio Stitch had the perfect fabric collection! Here’s the quilt:

And here’s a secret:  I used flannel (the 108″ wide backing flannel) for both the batting and the backing!  As you can see, it drapes beautifully.  An added advantage was that flannel sticks to itself pretty well, so there was no trouble with layers shifting when I quilted it.

Having made it, I wrote up the pattern for Studio Stitch. They will be offering it free with purchase. I don’t know details, so if you’re interested, go to  their website  and sign up for the newsletter and they’ll let you know.  (Newsletter signup is just below the big picture on the front page).

Have a good Thanksgiving and STAY SAFE!

17 thoughts on “A Quilt for A Man (or anyone)

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    • Yes, I always preshrink flannel. Even the good quality flannel (quilt shop quality, not big box quality) is a looser weave than many quilting cottons and shrinks significantly. I serge the raw edges before I wash fabric because the hubs complains if there are stray threads on his clothing 🤣

  2. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you could mention the name of the design/pattern so that I can search for it on studiostitch.

    • I think I called the design “lightening” but I don’t know if it’s on the Studio Stitch website—might have just been sent out in their email. If you call the shop and ask about my blue & brown quilt I’m pretty sure they’ll know what you mean and tell you how to get the pattern: 336-288-9200, or email to info@studiostitchonline.com
      Thanks for your interest 🙂

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