Recent Donation Quilts

Having said goodbye to these quilts when I donated them recently, I’m showing them one last time just for fun!

Made from scraps


Wonky Log Cabin Remix, from scraps

Rescued Dots from a quilt that went wrong

A quilt made years ago, from actual yardage!
Another scrap quilt!

And to my chagrin, there were three others I never even took pictures of!  Anyway, these were fun and I’m now reminded to take pictures of everything!

11 thoughts on “Recent Donation Quilts

  1. Your first set of four looks like something I’d do, so I of course like those best!!! HA! But the rescued dot blocks are the most innovative of the bunch because they were re-purposed and ultimately made into a ‘rescue’ quilt (ie donated to a cause) – a set of rescue repurposed blocks sewn into a rescue donation quilt…
    Oh and I purposely left a large ziplock bag of 2 in scrap strips with my daughter (she’s exploring quilting right now) when we visited recently – another great way to use up scraps, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. These are beautiful. I never used to photograph things I made and wondered why it was so hard to give them away. I find it a lot easier if I have a permanent record!

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