Two Finishes with Kaffe Fabrics

As sometimes happens, I bought a fat quarter bundle of Kaffe fabrics for something else entirely but changed my mind.

If you’ve ever tried making a quilt with fabrics designed by Kaffe Fassett, you know that you have to choose the pattern verrrry carefully if you don’t want a hot mess.  The fabrics are beautiful in their own way, but they don’t play very well with traditional patterns or patterns requiring good contrast between pieces. Therefore, I found a pattern written specifically for Kaffe fabrics.

The pattern made a larger quilt than I wanted, so I sorted the blocks into Kaffe 1 and Kaffe 2.  Here’s the larger one:

Quilt Name:  Kaffe 1

Pattern Source:  Free Spirit Fabrics (see link at bottom of post)

Finished Size:  58″ x 70″

Quilted by: Julia Madison

And here’s the smaller one made with “leftovers”:

Quilt name: Kaffe 2

Pattern source:  Free Spirit Fabrics (see link below)

Finished size:  48″ x 60″

Quilted by: Julia Madison

It was fun working with those wild fabrics, and the pattern was fairly easy.  Here’s the source for the free pattern if you’re interested: Carnival of Color


17 thoughts on “Two Finishes with Kaffe Fabrics

  1. Oh who can resist those Kaffee fabrics? But like you say, they ‘do not play well with others’ and require thought before stitching together…I have assorted yardages of a few myself that I just pull out and admire. As well, they are in and of themselves inspiring in many respects – design and color palette to name just two.
    Fantastic find – that basic pattern. And fantastic finishes, Zippy!
    Such a happy Sunday read, thanks for that, too.

  2. There’s a lot of stitching in these two quilts. Wow! I have a small stash of Kaffe fabrics and don’t quite know how to use them — your warning of a potential “hot mess” is spot on. Using his carnival of color pattern was a brilliant move and thank you for sharing the pattern. You have inspired me to revisit my stash.

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