As for so many people, I have missed scheduled retreats with my usual group due to COVID. The situation appears set to drag on for a while more, so we decided on a monthly block swap to give us something to look forward to.

We take turns deciding what the block will be. All blocks are made from batiks and all finish 9″ square, but there are no other “rules”. Here are the blocks I’ve made or received so far.Obviously this is going to be more than one quilt. The original rule was make one block for each person each month, but mostly we’ve done 2 for each. And, as you might suspect, the most over-scheduled person in the group made 3 for each last month!

What are you doing to make up for missing your quilt group?

Have fun and stay safe.

8 thoughts on “A COVID Swap

  1. What a great idea! I miss our Wabi-Sabi Sundays where we would sew, craft, and share ideas. We are sharing our work on a shared album on our phones. We frequently talk and help each other out with any questions we may have about something we are making. I miss our fabric shopping trips. It would be fun to share blocks. Thanks for the idea.

  2. What a lovely and gentle set of blocks. They are going to make a special quilt.
    Yes, it’s been a difficult and isolating time. I have been using online tutorials for inspiration and our group has begun meeting again — outside or with all the windows open

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