Triple Update

First, my modern guild members wanted to add some of the quilty things they’re thankful for to my recent list.  They are thankful for:

  • The way quilting connects us to generations past and future
  • Having time to do what I want to do, which is quilting
  • The opportunity to learn new quilting techniques
  • Inspiration from friends
  • Friendships made through quilting
  • New viewpoints from others in the group
  • Deadlines to motivate me to get something finished!
  • A husband who can find his own supper 😀

Second, I am thankful to be able to teach classes, and there were some pretty place mats made at a class I taught last week. You can click on any mat to get a better view.

OK, true confession: I loved everyone’s fabrics and was forced to buy some of those fabrics before I left the shop…

Third, I finished the mats I made to demonstrate in class.  They’re for two little boys who  are learning to sit at the table to eat but are too young to read this post, so it’s safe to show these!

Any holiday sewing at your house?

11 thoughts on “Triple Update

  1. Hi. Merry Christmas Season to you and yours. As usual I enjoyed reading your post and am curious about the last photo. Is it a placemat or mug rug? Something about the shape of it speaks to me. It looks like it would be totally comfy in a retro kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

    • Good Morning, Velda and happy holidays to, too. Those are placemats but I realized after the fact that I had pinned them to the board upside down. The shape is to allow them to fit better on the round table in my daughter’s kitchen. The narrow part should be at the top. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I love the fabric on all of these mats. And the shape of the mats for the boys is such a great idea. One of my sons has a round table, and I never thought of making the mats to better suit the shape of the table. I always learn something from your posts…thanks!😃

  3. I love the space place mats too! They are so interesting to look at, I’m sure they will hold young wiggly bodies at the table for a few extra minutes! 🙂
    And I love your guild member’s comment about being thankful that quilting connects us to past and future generations. So true!

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