November’s UFO

As you probably know, I’m playing along with Aunt Marti’s UFO Challenge for 2015. This month’s UFO is a group of gorgeous Jane Sassaman fabrics I’ve had for several years. I want to make a queen sized quilt, but I’ve been debating the design for a long time, since I want to make the most of these fabrics.

Need to design a quilt for this wonderful fabric

Need to design a quilt for this wonderful fabric

Luckily, a quilter who is a better designer than I came to visit this fall, and she helped me look at ways to make kaleidoscope blocks from these fabrics.  So November’s challenge is to come up with a design for the quilt.  I’m not even requiring myself to CUT any fabric, just decide on a design.Sassaman book

Jane Sassaman’s book suggests making paper copies of the fabrics to cut up in order to try designs.  I scanned the fabrics to my printer and made many copies, then cut them up to make either 4-part or 6-part kaleidoscope blocks.  Of course, that limits my trials to typing paper size pieces.Sassaman-papers

I printed at low resolution to save ink and still used up my color cartridge!  Here are a few of the trial blocks cut from paper and taped together:


Here are some blocks made from 4 squares

And here are some partial blocks made from 60 degree triangles:

Finally, here are all my trial blocks made of paper so far:Sassaman-group

Any suggestions for making the most of these prints, either with or without kaleidoscope blocks?

7 thoughts on “November’s UFO

  1. Amazing fabrics, and all the blocks show them off even better. I haven’t done any kaleidoscoping, so I can’t offer opinions on the process. Do you have enough yardage for your whole quilt, or will you need to fill in with other things?

  2. The 4-patches have just as much impact as the triangles. Given the amount of fabric you have, it might be very frustratiing to find and cut 6 repeats. Also sewing 4-patches will be easier and provide more immediate gratification.😁
    Can’t wait to see what you create!

  3. Oh, Mary, this is so awesome! They really do look like kaleidoscopes! Beautiful …..will love to see the finished product!

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