Dynamic Dresdens with Susan Cleveland

While in Paducah last spring I was able to take Susan Cleveland’s “intermediate to advanced” class called Dynamic Dresdens, and it did not disappoint.

I took a binding class with Susan several years ago and have greatly benefitted from what I learned, so when I heard she was teaching even more techniques I signed up. Not to mention that the class project is really really cute.

This was a two-day class prior to the AQS show. The first day covered Susan’s methods of layering, basting, quilting, binding, and making prairie points–whew! She had warned before class that students should have their materials ready as there would be no time in class for cutting, etc. That was no joke!

Here’s the corner of my project showing the binding and the prairie points done the first day

And speaking of being ready, after reading the materials list I decided to buy her prepared kit instead. It was SO worth it! She had starched the fabric that needed it, pre-shrunk the cording, and even cut the strips for the Dresdens! Score!

Here’s my final piece, which has some variation from Susan’s original design.

First, she did some fancy stitching inside the center circle. I pinned on a vintage button of Swarovski crystal. I think I’ll go back and make a hole for the shank so the button can lie flat, but anyway…

You can see some fancy stitching and wool felt balls in the detail view. Susan did the stitching by hand with Eleganza thread and a shashiko needle. I did it by machine. The wool felt balls are cut in half and the halves anchored with tiny buttons, another technique of Susan’s.

This was a wonderful class with a tremendous amount of information about how to do each technique accurately. I recommend Susan’s classes if you ever have a chance to take one!

Here’s a link to Susan’s website if you want more information.

16 thoughts on “Dynamic Dresdens with Susan Cleveland

  1. What a gorgeous little quilt! Love the bright colors and that it has so many different techniques to it. Those little pom-poms (half-poms) are adorable. Of course I llike any project with hand stitching… though I understand you used a machine to make those pretty colored swags. I took a class from Susan too, decades ago. I’m glad for you to have had this second opportunity!

  2. I noticed your signature flange in this piece. Since it was a pre-packaged workshop kit, I’m wondering if she’s the one who taught you that fantastic techinique, too?
    What fun! I know you’ll put all your new learned techniques to good use in future projects.
    BTW: some are hexie-addicted – I am not – some are prairie point-addicted – that I am!

    • I learned my usual flange technique from Judy Niemeyer. This piece has piping rather than a flange, and I did learn my current piping technique from Susan Cleveland! So much to learn out there! And I have every intention of using more prairie points in the future, so I look forward to seeing some of yours πŸ™‚

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