A Class and An Orphan Save

First, the class. I taught Happy Scrappy Diamonds at Studio Stitch recently. Here’s the class sample.

It’s made with the EZ Quilting Tri-Recs templates, which everyone agreed are well worth the price.

Here are some in-progress samples of what was made in class:

The templates made the triangles easy, and we all enjoyed putting scraps together to make the triangles, then some of us made the triangles into diamonds.

On the orphan block front…I have hundreds of them. Yikes! So I’ve been making them into 36″ quilts to be used over preemie incubators at the hospital.

Then I came to this, a 24″ swap block that was “wonky”. I’m sorry to say I was the one who recommended this swap block pattern, and it was anything but easy.

I decided that, rather than try to square up the block, I would add wonky borders and see what happened.

It turned out well! Umm, except maybe for that “bubble” in the left border that I hope will “quilt out”. Ha.

How has your week been?

15 thoughts on “A Class and An Orphan Save

  1. I couldn’t make the scrappy diamonds class, it I look forward to your posts every Sunday.

  2. I couldn’t make the scrappy diamonds class, it I look forward to your posts every Sunday.

  3. I like your scrappy diamonds! I’ve often thought of just sitting down to piece scraps together to “make fabric,” and then pick a ruler to cut out shapes. Makes sense, and it’s a fun surprise to see how it comes together. Limiting the color palette no doubt helps make it look more cohesive. I like how you finished your block using wonky borders. That’s works! You’ve affirmed my thought that when a quilter “makes a mistake” the work-around makes the finish better than it would have been without it.

    • In making fabric from scraps, I find it works best to have the ruler I will cut shapes with picked out in advance. That way I can avoid seams coming at awkward places as I cut the shape.

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