Catching Up

I’m behind on binding quilts, so I’ll be binding one a week for a while during the catch-up.

First is Arkansas Crossroads, one of my favorites among the quilts I’ve finished lately.

When I have scraps, I cut them into strips of standard width ranging from 1.5″ to 4.5″, and store them in drawers. Therefore, there were a good number of 2.5″ strips available for this quilt and it went together quickly. There are free patterns for it on the internet, but of course I drew it in EQ8. Here’s my drawing:

Drawing done in EQ8

The good news is that EQ figures the yardage for you! I needed about 2 yards of fabric for the background, which I found in stash. The rest of the quilt top is from scraps!

The binding is black and white stripes. I buy stripes whenever I find them on sale because I love striped binding!

Quilt Stats

Name: Arkansas Crossroads

Design: Traditional, drawn in EQ8

Finished size: 50″ x 65″

Quilted by: Linda

Update on paper piecing without paper: I found featherweight sew-in interfacing, which is thin enough to see through and soft enough to make no noise at all when crumpled. Unfortunately, it is too flimsy to run through the printer and is somewhat difficult to trace on due to its softness. Also it turns out some stiffness is needed to keep small pieces from puckering when joining on a curve, and this isn’t stiff enough. So overall, not a good option. Too bad!

12 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. My goal is to quilt the 12 tops I have by the end of the year. My QB- quilting buddy loves to hand bind so she’s doing that for me. I did 2 in a week, I hope she can keep up with me!

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