Magic Kaleidoscope Finish

I finished this quilt back in January but didn’t get around to blogging about it, so here goes…

I was on a magic kaleidoscope quilt kick, and this one was the last one. It was quilted by Walker Quilt Company, where they did an excellent job with an edge-to-edge design.

And here’s the whole quilt:

Here are a few of the blocks. There are no two alike!

Luckily there was enough fabric to put some on the back as well as in the border.

And here’s the binding.  I did a double binding so there is some of the original fabric as well as the solid binding.

Quilt stats:

Name: Magic Kaleidoscope 3

Designed and made by me

Finished size: 56″ x 70″

Quilted by: Walker Quilt Co., Franklin, NC

8 thoughts on “Magic Kaleidoscope Finish

  1. Very pretty! It makes me think of those paint-art pieces we made in the Lion’s Club booth at the fair. You know, the ones with the spinning paper that you poured bottles of bright paint onto? Love that look in fabric.

  2. C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! It is a beautiful quilt. I’ve used that e2e quilting pattern before on some of my quilts–it’s a favorite, so I was happy to see it here on yours. Isn’t this the class sample for your upcoming teaching? A great inspiration for your students!

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