Into the Quiltalong Vortex!

Yes, I’ve been pulled into the quiltalong vortex along with so many others!

It started when someone at MQG recommended the Urban Trek Quiltalong.

Photo of an Urban Trek quilt from Pinterest, no attribution available

There are a lot of good videos on techniques used in the Urban Trek quilt, so I signed up to watch the videos. However, I don’t intend to make the quilt.

Then one day when I was “between projects”, I got an email about a “Night Sky” Sew Along from Jaybird Quilts. What’s a quilter to do? The quilt is beautiful!  I checked with my quilty friends and one agreed to sign up with me. Yes! Here’s my progress so far:

Yes, just one block. And no, this isn’t the week to sew; I’m supposed to be just cutting everything.

However, I learned the hard way that it’s best to make one block before committing to the whole quilt. And with this one, even my buddy who loves lots of pieces is thinking her quilt will be made smaller than originally planned! Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s complicated. However, the videos are helpful and the pattern illustrations are excellent.

Then I found a list of quiltalongs. One of the offerings was a quilt called “Bauhaus“. It’s from Brigitte Heitland, whose Zen Chic designs are among my favorite fabrics.

The original quilt by Brigitte Heitland.  Image from

OF COURSE this appealed to me, so I signed up! Here’s my progress so far:

I changed a few blocks just for fun, and re-arranged them, but it’s basically still Brigitte’s design

No, I didn’t really follow all the directions.

And here’s why I don’t usually do Quiltalongs: I get impatient and want to do the whole quilt, not just this week’s segment. At this point I’m “supposed” to be selecting my fabrics 😀  I still need to add the outer border, but the blocks are done.

So, what quiltalongs have you been pulled into?

9 thoughts on “Into the Quiltalong Vortex!

  1. I love Bauhaus and your variations. That is exactly why I avoid quilt-alongs. I like to work a lot at once and not in parsed out bits. Sometimes I manage a compromise by waiting till it is over then staring. But then i miss out on the chatting as we go together part. Oh well . . .

  2. But of course Bauhaus would be your cup of java! And it’s a given you’d mix it up a bit. Looks great, Zippy.
    I’ve never done an online quiltalong, but did keep up on a few “ToDoTuesdays” for awhile over the past few years. I like the idea of quiltalongs, but in actuality, like you, I’d feel restricted whenever I’d have extra time to blaze forward…

  3. Looks like you found the winner for you, and your Bauhaus looks terrific. I’m also terrible at Sew-A-Longs, even though I’m running one. I think the wisdom of making one block to see if you like it is the best advice I’ve heard. So often I just collect all the patterns, then move on to something else. Have fun with your projects!!

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