Saved! Sort of.

Today is Grandparents’ Day, in case you didn’t know. So, along those lines…I’ve found things during our move that I swear I’ve never seen before, though of course that’s unlikely. One such item was a very large damask tablecloth, probably linen.

I thought it had belonged to my grandmother, who was very much into fancy tables. (We’re talking multiple sets of china, flatware, etc.) However, the monogram marked it as having belonged to my great-grandmother, Ida Miller Ownbey (1862-1923).

Despite the beauty of the cloth and the handwork, there were several holes in it, and too many Sunday dinner leftovers to save it.

I threw it in the trash.

THEN I needed to spray baste a small quilt. I retrieved the tablecloth and used it to cover the garage floor for the procedure. Ha!

I was so glad it wasn’t wasted. May we all be so useful at age 100!


18 thoughts on “Saved! Sort of.

  1. I do hope you cut out the Family monogram to use as a scrappy bit somewhere in your scrappy creations!
    In any case – I have been known to use such pieces as ‘rags’, too. The ease of throwing a protective piece on the ground, using it and then just tossing it without a second thought is sooooo freeing – especially when it has been ‘in use’ for 100 years!
    Good call, Zippy
    ps-email forthcoming within the next few days!

  2. I am trying to get some stains out of an old tablecloth myself today — a relative youngster at 70 years old! It is all cross stitched in a color combination I don’t like very much — melon, moss, and lots of black. I think I am going to turn it into an “art cloth” and just do some meditative stitching on it.

  3. No doubt there are vintage-lovers who will think it’s tragic that you didn’t turn this tablecloth into something more useful. However, I’m the sort who understands that not everything can be kept. That’s why I recently gave away more than 90 hand-embroidered redwork blocks that may have been made by my great grandmother (one block was embroidered 1899). I was happy to pass them along to someone who loves them, and is already turning them into something very special.

  4. Shall I confess to a feeling of “oh no!” when I read you had thrown out your great grandmother’s tablecloth. And then relief when I read that you retrieved it. I once consigned old family napkins to The Woodworker’s rag pile and then, when I discovered kantha stitching and reusing old linens, I was so pleased that he had not used them as rags. I turned one into a sampler, and have saved the others for my old age (ha ha).
    I am glad you found a use for the tablecloth and maybe some crazy hand stitcher can use the good bits in the cloth!

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