More Stars

Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs is one of my all-time favorite quilt patterns because it is so clever. It uses fat quarters and makes lovely stars without the need to worry about cutting off the points!

I don’t recall how many quilts I’ve made from this pattern, but here’s another one. It’s made with the fossil fern fabrics I’ve collected over the years for no particular reason other than a love for those fabrics. Hoping to use them up, I made the back out of my scraps.

Julia Madison quilted it with stars and loops–perfect!

Quilt Stats:

Pattern: Lucky Stars by Alex Anderson

Fabric: Benartex Fossil Ferns

Finished size: 59″ x 44″

Quilted by: Julia Madison

Pattern available here. As always, this is not an affiliate link; it is just for your convenience.

17 thoughts on “More Stars

  1. Oh gosh, I remember this pattern! It was popular in the early 2000’s, I think. Atkinson Designs had a big streak of popular patterns, with “Yellow Brick Road” coming to mind. You chose lovely colors for this one, and I’m happy for you to be using-up old Fossil Fern prints. Ha! I remember those too! 🙂

  2. Now I know what to do with my fossil fern collection. This was my second quilt pattern I think and I loved your class! I think I have made a quilt with this pattern at least 3 times but do like it well enough to make another. Thanks for the memories. I need to take this one to retreat in October!

  3. You say that the design is by Alex Anderson …. Is that correct? Or is it by Terry Atkinson? In either case, it’s a great pattern, and your quilt is beautiful.

  4. When I read that one does not have to worry about cutting off the points when using this pattern you immediately had 120% of my attention! Thanks for showing us your beautiful bright version and for providing the pattern.

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