Some Finishes

The random number generator picked comment #3, by Mary Lindberg, as the winner of the book on quilt finishing. I have been unable to contact her. If you read this, Mary, please contact me by 6:00 this evening so I can send your book. If I don’t hear from Mary I’ll ask the random number generator to select someone else.

It seems like I’ve done a lot of quilt-making in 2021, but had little to show for it. Here, at last, are a couple of finishes. These are made using blocks from a batik swap with one of my groups, done during COVID time when we couldn’t get together.

This first one is lap size, made just for fun. It doesn’t have a home yet, but I’m sure it will find one.

Name: Batik Swap One

Size: 66″ x 54″

Blocks by: Jeri, Mary B, Rena, and me

Quilted by: Julia Madison

Here’s the second quilt from swap blocks. This one is twin size, intended for use on one of the bunk beds in the “brothers’ room” at our new house.

Name: Brothers’ Bunk Quilt

Size: Twin

Blocks by: Jeri, Mary B, Rena, and me

Quilted by: Julia Madison

And speaking of the quilter, look at these pretty sunflowers she did on one of the quilts:

Last but not least, here is the latest stack of quilts made by the same group. I’ve been slow to deliver them, but they finally went to Ronald McDonald house this past week.


8 thoughts on “Some Finishes

  1. I know what you mean about feeling like there’s nothing to show for project pursued, etc. However for myself most of what was ‘done’ was finding the one puzzle piece that actually finished long term projects of all sorts. For instance: a) I found the perfect fabric strip in my scrap bin to finish off a piece done years ago with scraps from a friend’s stash of hand dyed fabrics she made and was experimenting with at the time. I sewed it up and it’s ready to be placed in a larger context piece.
    b) 2 of the 5 scrap blocks I made using your ‘Fiddlesticks’ pattern have been made into two placemats finished off with yet more scrap yardage!
    Anyway, I get it, Zippy!

  2. Good for you for finishing things–always challenge in our scatter-brained world view these days. I also loved the stack of quilts, ready to be donated. Since I’m coming down to the end of my Guild Lecture days, I’m looking at some of my quilts, with an eye to donate. Love that brothers bunkbed quilt!

    I finally sat down and made a list of all the things I’d done over covid time; I felt better after that (it was a good amount, as I wrote even the smallest sewing item on it).

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