Perfect! A Book Review

If you have something but can’t find it, do you really have it?                              –Lilo Bowman

Love Your Creative Space, by Lino Bowman, turned out to be the perfect book at the perfect time for me.. When I read the sentence quoted above, it struck a nerve!

Photo courtesy of C&T

Here’s my stash of backing fabric before:

The fabric was folded and stacked, which made it hard to see.

I’m pretty sure some of that fabric hadn’t been touched in several years because I couldn’t see it and therefore didn’t know it was there.

And here’s the after:Fabrics are rolled so I can see and pull them out easily, and they are tagged with the size!  Woo!

Lilo’s book is about both studio design and organization.  I loved every part of it, but here are some favorites:

There are ideas on organization and storage for many types of creative supplies, not just quilting things.  She has many photos from real studios to give the reader ideas.

Photo courtesy of C&T

Some of the studio photos look to me like they were done by a decorator, which I am not!  And some were very realistic-looking in my opinion!

Photo courtesy of C&T

The book also addresses ergonomic studio design, including sewing machine set-up, which I found especially helpful.

Photo courtesy of C&T

.In addition to studio ideas for “most people”, Lilo discusses adaptations that many of us will need as we age, or simply as a result of our physical limitations.  There is one especially nice chapter on how one woman adapted to being partially paralyzed after a stroke.  

This is not just a book for quilters, though I found it very helpful in my quilting studio.  There is an emphasis on making the creative space attractive “without breaking the bank”, as the subtitle says.  You can learn more about the book here.

Note:  C&T sends me lots of books and I review my favorites so you don’t have to hunt around to find the best books.  Of course, “best” is my personal opinion 😀

19 thoughts on “Perfect! A Book Review

  1. I am reading that book from my local library, through the Hoopla app! It is really good — I like how she takes you through the steps of figuring out how best to arrange your equipment in the space you have available. I have been making some changes in my sewing room from her suggestions.

  2. Sounds like a good book… but best of all, I like the tip for seeing and labeling quilt backings! Though, I don’t keep backing fabrics, as you do, I have done something similar with leftover batting pieces. I rolled and wrapped pieces with rubber bands, and tucked under the band a piece of paper with the batting type and dimensions written on it. It’s proven very helpful. I’m glad for you to get to review some good books!

  3. Thank you so much for recommending this book! I have small fiber neuropathy which makes quilting very difficult due to pain and weakness, but I refuse to give up my favorite hobby. I need ideas on how I can best arrange my space to work for me. Right now it’s a disaster because I don’t have the energy to sort it all and then no place to really put it once it’s sorted. Oh, and my sewing room is also my bedroom. Aaahh! Drives me crazy! Sounds like this book might offer some good suggestions. Thank you!!

  4. Here’s wishing you a dream studio in your new home. Thanks for the review and the tips. That opening quotation also struck me — but I believe it is a philosophical (rather than a practical) question !!

  5. Thanks for the review, I had that book on my radar if I could justify anymore craft related books – ha! Congratulations on being so industrious with your fabric and doing all that sorting and tagging!

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