Some Quarantine Fun

I’m happy to report that at least one person used the pattern I designed for Studio Stitch and then sent me a picture of her quilt! Thanks, Judi! And here it is:

Photo courtesy of Judi Bastion

I’m always happy when readers send me pictures of what they’ve made from my patterns or classes, and Judi even found a typo for me as an extra help!  Thanks again!

Meanwhile, one of my nieces sent me a picture of a “quarantine quilt” made from this pattern:

Photo courtesy of Java House Quilts

Photo courtesy of Java House Quilts

Now seriously, people, this is the quilt to make in memory of 2020!  The pattern is available here, and they are donating part of the proceeds. 

If you don’t want to make an entire quilt, this Japanese lady has a free paper-pieced pattern for a single block:

Photo courtesy of

Of course COVID is a serious situation, but a little laughter helps offset all the worries! 

And by the way, I’m out of elastic for masks.

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to see what you make!

8 thoughts on “Some Quarantine Fun

  1. Judi’s quilt turned out beautifully! So glad she shared a photo. And you’re absolutely right, we’ve got to keep our humor these days and the toilet roll project is just the ticket 🤣
    If you or any of your readers still need elastic, Studio Stitch now has 1/4″ and 1/8″ available by the yard or in 10-yard packs. We’re currently still doing phone orders with curbside pickup, or if you need to browse inside we’re doing appointments. Looking forward to resuming classes when we can! We miss you!

    • Hi Carrie! Thanks for the update. The shop here has re-opened, sort of, but I won’t be teaching here until August just to be safe. I miss you guys, too! And thanks for the update on elastic!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photo of the quilt. I had tried to contact the quilt shop but was not able to connect with anyone. I love the word fabric that you used in your quilt. I will try again. The t-paper quilt is a good pandemic quilt for sure. I have been making daily art pieces during this pandemic and I am in the process of trying to incorporate them into a quilt or wall hanging. I have received great ideas from Tierney and Mariss on how to do this, but it is a new process for me.

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