One of the Last Finishes of 2019

Having the internet out for several days caused problems with my blog, but I got a lot of quilting done.  I finally finished (got the binding on) my bed-size One Block Wonder (OBW) quilt!

I found this Jane Sassaman fabric many years ago and just had to make something from it.

one-block wonder quilt

Garden Divas fabric by Jane Sassaman

After many design experiments (using photocopies of the fabric so as not to waste), I decided on OBW.  Not sure I’d do that again.  Anyway, here’s the finished quilt, as well as some detail shots.:

Quilt Stats:

Name: Wondering in the Garden

Size: 69″ x 85″

Pattern:  One Block Wonder

Quilted by: Julia Madison

18 thoughts on “One of the Last Finishes of 2019

  1. Googled ‘One Block Wonder’ thinking it’d be an ‘easy’ one block! Cry-menee! (as Ma would say) – that is one Wicked block! So, it’s a good thing your masterpiece is sooooo stunningly made up in just the right fabric as you mentioned not ever doing one again! Really a show stopper, Zippy.

  2. It is beautiful Mary. I did one with help in Illinois about 14 years ago. Not sure if I want to try again but i love how they turn out. That fabric is perfect for a OBW.

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