Triangle Variations Finished!

I’ve made multiple triangle quilts this year, and this final one is my favorite. It all started when I saw this book:

Modern Triangle Quilts,, published by Stash Books

The book presents variations on 3 different types of triangles (equilateral, right, isoceles), with multiple options for each type.  You know I don’t like to make the same block twice, so the variety of these triangle blocks seemed perfect!  (The cover states there are 70 different blocks!)

I chose the equilateral triangles and a limited color palette.  And of course I changed some of her patterns and improvised a few new ones.  That said, her instructions were excellent.  (You may take excellent instructions for granted when you’ve paid for a book, but don’t.  Enough said.)

So here’s my finished quilt! There are 11 different layouts for the blocks; this isn’t one of them 😉

The quilting was done by my friend Andrea Walker.  Andrea does beautiful custom quilting, but she is understanding when I want edge-to-edge quilting instead (because I want the quilt to be about my design rather than her quilting).  

And here’s the back:

Quilt stats:

  • Name: Triangle Variations (Hmmm…boring.  If you have a more creative idea please let me know.)
  • Finished size:57″ x 66″
  • Source: Inspired by Rebecca Bryan’s book Modern Triangle Quilts, and most of the blocks are from that book.  (Book available here.)
  • Quilted by: Andrea Walker.  (You can see her website by clicking on her name.)

This quilt went together well (due to the excellent instructions) and it is unique even though most of the blocks came from patterns.  Try it!

Note: The links here are for your convenience; I do not make money if you buy from them.

17 thoughts on “Triangle Variations Finished!

  1. This is amazing! Having done 1 60 degree triangle quilt top, I know it’s not easy to keep everything lined up and pointy where you want it pointy! So I don’t think I would be brave enough to do shapes within the triangles. It looks great!

  2. I feel like you need to be given a Modern Quilting Award here – wow that is exceptionally awesome – from the palette, to the design, to the quilting. The back is spectacular too! I hope it is going to be entered in some shows like QuiltCon! Instead of just Triangle Variations – what about adding a little spice to those words with something like “Curious Triangle Variations” or “Exploratory Triangle Variations”?

  3. I love seeing how you interpreted your triangles, changing up shapes, colors. I saw Bryan’s original quilt at Quiltcon, and love your variation. Hmmm…a name…I like how there are two circles in your quilt, maybe Moon Cycles? (Leaving all reference to triangles behind?) I usually head to a book of poetry or Bartlett’s quotations for inspiration for my names.

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