Thrift Shop Finds

My friend Tierney occasionally blogs about fabric she’s found in thrift shops and I’m always envious πŸ˜‰ The good news is that I recently found a new (to me) and really good thrift shop. (Better news: it’s near an excellent bakery. Oops!)

A recent trip yielded 3 flat sheets, all in the same floral print.Β  They seem to be twin size.

I think they will make wonderful backing for some quilts!Β  Back in the day before there was much wide fabric available, I usually bought sheets to back my quilts, so this is a great throwback!

On the same trip I found these pewter buttons, which I believe to be good quality because they have detail on the back, not just the front.Β  I will use them to decorate a quilt at some point.

Oh yes…cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and cookies πŸ˜€

14 thoughts on “Thrift Shop Finds

  1. My aunt would use bed sheets to make the drapes, and their backing, for her bedroom. These drapes would coordinate with the bedspread. I have not had any luck in finding quality sheets at a thrift store yet, but I keep looking.

  2. Now for a throw back question: with newer machines and the advent of greater use/variety of machine quilting, how do those tightly woven sheets do in the quilting department? I remember basically using them only if I was going to tie the quilts because of the tight weave of bedsheets.

    And your point about location of thrift shops is really a good one. I’ll never forget racking in a great summer wardrobe for myself and hubby for pennies on the dollar at the Goodwill in Fountain Hills, AZ during our sojourn there several years ago. More new/near-new designer options there than in all other Goodwills throughout this grand land of ours!

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