Gypsy Wife Adopted

The Gypsy Wife quilt is quilted, and bound, and ready to go to its “forever home”, as our daughter calls it when one of the animals she fosters is adopted.Gypsy Wife quilt

I recently read a post listing pictures we supposedly should take of every quilt, and thought “not”. I think Rita, at Red Pepper Quilts, does one of the best jobs anywhere on her photos and posts about her quilts. She includes enough pictures for me to get a good idea of the quilt. Even better, she lists “statistics” about each quilt at the end of the post. So here’s my attempt:

First, a picture showing the back and giving a closer view of the binding:Binding gypsy wife quilt

Then, a picture of my favorite block. OK, that wasn’t Rita’s idea, but I like it 🙂

A picture showing the quilting:

Gypsy Wife Quilt

Pattern:  Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell, with several modifications by me

Fabric: Just A Speck collection by Jen Kingwell,

Moda Grunge in various colors

And a few others

Finished Size:  61” x 66”

OK, did any of those pictures or details add to your experience of the quilt?

18 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife Adopted

  1. Love the quilt and your pix. And, happy a foster animal is going home to its new home!
    I’m wondering if with the adoption of the animal it goes home with, does that imply it is to be used only by the animal? (cringe – it’s such a gorgeous and labor intensively pieced and quilted piece!).
    I’m hoping it’s a kindof house warming gift for the adopted family????

  2. Yes, I think the summary is helpful. People always ask what was the pattern, and I especially like to know what size the quilt is. If anyone else did the quilting or otherwise contributed a lot, I think that is good to list, too. I also like having the closeup photos. Makes it much easier to “feel” the quilt and understand what it is about. I’m not very good at that part.

    It’s a fun quilt and I REALLY like your version. I especially like that the bottom section isn’t pieced into a million different strips, but having the various greys helps add depth and interest. Good work, Mary! Thanks for sharing it.

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