Quilt Alliance Contest 2017

After 3 weeks and 3 quilts, here is the one I finally finished for the 2017 Quilt Alliance contest. The first two quilts were OK, but I like this one best, so off it goes.

quilt alliance contest

For Quilt Alliance contest 2017, 16″ x 16″

The contest theme this year is “voices”. As I made this little maze, I thought of college students in their world of endless possibilities, talking all night about the meaning of life. I thought the bright colors and the maze were a good representation of that.

Cherrywood Fabrics

Detail of the quilt for the 2017 Quilt Alliance contest

The fabric is Cherrywood hand dyes, except for the bright yellow, which is a batik.  I presume it is obvious that I cut everything with scissors and improvised the piecing as I went along.  I quilted it on my Bernina, using lightweight medium grey thread to lend texture without showing too much.

Next week: a quilt to use as a wedding guest book.  Thanks for visiting!

7 thoughts on “Quilt Alliance Contest 2017

  1. Oh my, this is stunning! Probably my favorite thing of yours I’ve seen! WOWie! And so tiny at only 16″! That’s a lot of piecing for that small! Before I looked for the size, I was imagining it like one of my quilts, more like 60″!! I love the balance of colors and values. I love the maze line running through it. (Maze, maize, corn maze, maize maze… I got carried away, didn’t I?) Symmetry/asymmetry. Just really good, all the way around. YAY you!

  2. The value of information. First look, I loved the colors, the focus on the yellow, the way the eye moves around the piece. (I ddn’t catch the smallness till melanie’s comment). Then the theme and the idea and the maze became dorm layout, campus map, and remained a maze for the elusive meaning of life. Oh, did I say, I like it? I do.

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