Tuesday Quilters’ Show

One of my quilt groups (which I seldom attend because it meets during the day and I work full time) is having a little show at the church where they meet, so I stopped by to take some pictures.  Most of these ladies are traditional quilters, and many are quite accomplished.

quilt show

The purple diamonds near the center feature geckos fussy-cut from a batik

One of the women has really gotten going on miniature quilts, so this next bunch are all by Maryann Budahl. They are under 12″ x 12″, and they are NOT as wonky as they seem in the pictures–some were hung too high for me to photograph them well.

miniature quilt

Look at that quilting!

You can click on any of these little quilts to see it up close.

Here are a few of the other quilts on display:

miniature quilt

This is a miniature by Susan Roper.

There were several Christmas quilts:

Christmas quiltChristmas table runnerSeveral full size quilts were draped rather than hung, so I couldn’t get a complete picture of them.

traditional quilt

traditional pieced quiltAnd here are some medium-sized quilts:

star quilt

Christmas sampler quilt

A Bird, Several Houses, and More by Maryann Budahl

And finally, a quilt that looked pretty modern to me:modern wall quilt

There is a fair amount of overlap between this group and the Smoky Mountain Quilters (of Franklin, NC) who will be having a show in September, so I look forward to seeing more quilts soon.


15 thoughts on “Tuesday Quilters’ Show

  1. The quilt by Pat Warren is making me question a quilt my daughter uses. Did she ever live in the Dallas area? When my daughter was in ICU, she was covered in one that resembled this one greatly and ended up taking it home. Putting a name with my daughters handstitched beauty would be fantastic! Thanks for posting all these pretties!

  2. I recall quilts as something sort of out of vogue when I was growing up…..either because I know you or because I’m paying more attention or because it really is making a comeback I see quilt shows advertised and more expression of interest in them……a good thing !

  3. Vicarious shows are almost as much fun as IRL shows, almost. Thanks! Love those miniatures, and MB’s sampler in the medium sized group. Miniatures are on my list. And the 30s fabric one reminded me of that box in waiting . . .

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