2015 UFO Challenge

Last year I participated in Aunt Marti’s UFO (Unfinished Object) challenge over at 52 Quilts and found it helpful. I did NOT succeed in finishing a UFO every month, but there were several months when I wouldn’t have gotten even one done if it weren’t for the challenge.
So this year I’m not only taking the challenge, I’m (gasp!) publishing my list here so it’s public! And I’ll post about the finishes as I do them. Here’s the list, some of it in picture form:  If you hover over the picture you can see its caption.



There are two more to be done, but no pictures yet:

11.  Rework the Under the Sea top

12.  Quilt a practice piece I made for a magazine project.

Aunt Marti’s UFO challenge goes like this:  You gather up 12 of your (many) UFOs and number them. Then, each month Aunt Marti posts the number of the UFO to be done for that month.  (By the way, the project for January is #2).

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. If you want to play along, here’s the link to the “rules” at Aunt Marti’s site.

Hope you have a good week at get at least one UFO finished even if you aren’t doing the challenge!

6 thoughts on “2015 UFO Challenge

  1. I don’t have much in the way of UFOs! Random orphan blocks, ideas of projects even with a few fabrics gathered, those aren’t UFOs in my book. And generally I don’t keep fabrics together in possible-project piles, though there are a few! What I do have is some non-fabric quilty tasks to do, like get my blog site up to date, get some photos done, etc. For me, that list is actually more urgent right now.

    Looks like your project list has some fun things, though. I’ll enjoy watching your progress through the year.

    • Hi Melanie, Thanks so much for your frequent comments. I enjoy hearing from you. While updating your blog, would you consider putting an e-mail subscription option in the margin? I get to my e-mail much more often than I get to any of my blog readers. Currently I subscribe to your and Jim’s blogs on the WordPress Reader, which would be fine if only I got to it regularly. Best wishes for 2015!

      • I have a lot of email followers but am not sure how that works with WP bloggers, if you even get the option the way it is set up. I’ll look. Thanks for the suggestion.

        Happy New Year to you, too! So far, so good…

      • I am looking for a way to do that and am not seeing it. However, if you are in WordPress Reader, on the upper left corner there is “Blogs I Follow” followed by “EDIT”. If you hit edit, you’ll see a list of all your blogs. You can edit your preferences to get email notifications or not. If you select email notifications you’ll get the link directly to the post. I have all mine turned off, as I am in Reader most days.

        Let me know if you have questions.

      • Yes, I went to edit & I see that I already have email turned on for you. Maybe now that I’ve messed with it, it will work? Or maybe I’ll just form the habit of checking the reader 😊

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