12 Bright Quilts from AQS Chattanooga

There were lots of good quilts, so I’m choosing to show bright ones!  Later this month, I’ll have an interview with a modern quilter from Chattanooga.  Meanwhile, I hope you find these quilts as inspiring as I did.

modern quilt

Sherbert at the Beach, by Stacey Day

art quilt

Art DeCOW, by Connie Donaldson

pieced quilt

Winter Jewels, by Michelle Renee Hiatt and Barbara Bregman

modern quilt

Sunset, by Leanne Chahley

Philippine quilt

Quilt by Gina Abayan, part of a display of beautiful quilts from the Philippines

modern quilt

Freeze Frame in Motion, by Judy Holahan

modern quilt, art quilt

Delaneyville, by Fran Stinson

modern quilt

Red Rectangle, by Judy Mercer Tescher

modern quilt

Rainbow Bright, by Jennifer Hynes

modern quilt

3 Sisters, by Veronica Hofman-Ortega

modern quilt

Fall Migration, by Tamara Watts-McPhail

modern quilt

A Feather Runs Through It, by Veronica Hofman-Ortega

2 thoughts on “12 Bright Quilts from AQS Chattanooga

  1. Some of these I somehow overlooked when we were there, Mary, apparently when we got separated and I was looking for you. I would love to meet the person who did “Art DeCow”—-how whimsical, zany! I really liked Delaneyville too. Winter Jewels is stunningly beautiful.

    • Thanks, Kathleen! Unfortunately, some of the exhibits were in a totally separate room that I didn’t discover until the next day. So you didn’t miss them; we just didn’t even go there Friday 😦

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