A Quilty Shirt

Orphan blocks make great decoration for denim or chambray shirts.  They might work on

quilt blocks on a work shirt

A decorated chambray work shirt

T shirts, too, but it’s easier to put them on a woven shirt than a knit one, so I vote for “workshirts”.

Here’s an example, modeled by my friend Anna.

These blocks had been around a while 😉  You know how that goes! Then I got a good deal on some chambray shirts and bought them in all the sizes my sisters-in-law wear.  They made good holiday gifts!

I suggest you turn under a 1/4″ hem on all sides of the block and then applique it to the shirt by hand or machine.  Very easy.  I don’t suggest quilting the block first, because even thin batting can feel uncomfortably lumpy attached to a shirt.

quilt block on a shirt

Here’s another orphan block on a shirt

Here’s another one attached to the back of a shirt.  I just sewed around these blocks with a straight stitch, but if you like hand applique, go for it!  If you don’t know sizes and don’t want to guess, you can buy L or XL for most people; if it’s too big just explain it’s meant to be worn as an overshirt 😉

Next week:  turn your orphan blocks into table runners!

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