A Few Random Projects

My friend Linda over at Flourishing Palms blogged about her participation in the Dreamlines quilt-along, so I checked it out and, of course, signed up. Here are the strips made so far

And here is the link to the Dreamlines quilt-along if you’re interested. If you scroll down this landing page you’ll see where you can sign up for her newsletter and get the project each month. Even if you don’t do that, go look up “Dreamlines Brenda Gael Smith” on Pinterest to see some of her wonderful work.

Also from the internet, I somehow decided to enter the current round of PROJECT QUILTING, which you can learn about here. The challenge this week was the “54-40 or fight” block. Here’s my entry, an 18″ mini-quilt.

I’m afraid it proves that there IS such a thing as too much Kaffe! But it’s done, and it was fun, so good enough.

Finally, here are my blocks so far for the Studio Stitch Block of the Month. I’m enjoying the challenge and the variety.

What have you been up to lately?

18 thoughts on “A Few Random Projects

  1. Oh, Mary…I love the Dreamline Project! I just finished a Heartfelt traditional block quilt. I made it because I like hearts. I chose a palette that is not my typical choice, since it was frilly and romantic. I’ve been wanting to do something different and bold, and I think the Dreamline Project is perfect. I think it is something I can commit to since it is over a span of months. I love the color choices, and the design and movement in the BOM and the Kaffe. You just made my Sunday!

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