A Novel Project

I publish this blog on Sunday, so what’s up with a random mid-week post?

Because I made something for the current PROJECT QUILTING challenge, here.

The challenge requires making something quilty from start to finish within a week, and must be posted by Saturday, which is why this post is early. There will still be a regular post on Sunday.

This week’s prompt is “a novel”–any novel. I made this card because the occasional romance novel is my guilty pleasure (OK, one of my guilty pleasures), and it did double duty as a valentine card this week!

Process: I took something from the discard bin and applied heat-n-bond to the back. Then I cut out a heart, fused it to the front of a blank card, and zig-zagged around the edge. 

Fun and done!

19 thoughts on “A Novel Project

  1. What an interesting challenge. Making something relatively small is very doable though, and it looks like you picked just the right thing. I like that you were able to use small scraps to make a piece that’s very effective, and useful! Good for you!

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