Viewing Maria Shell’s Exhibit

While travelling in New England recently, we were happy to see an exhibit of works by Maria Shell at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.

Although it appears rustic, this building has a high-tech interior to protect the quilts stored there

Here are a few of her fun art quilts from the show.

AHOY! by Maria Shell

Tiny Bubbles by Maria Shell. Sorry to say my camera was crooked!

Liminal Lines by Maria Shell

Jokulhaup, by Maria Shell. The title is an Iclandic word for “a type of glacial outburst flood”

Plaidtastic by Maria Shell

LITE BRITE by Maria Shell

The Shelburne Museum is one of our favorite places in Vermont, and having Maria’s exhibit there was the icing on the cake!

You can learn more about Maria on her website.

Quilt building at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont

11 thoughts on “Viewing Maria Shell’s Exhibit

  1. What wonderful ‘quilty’ adventures you’ve had lately, Zippy! I do like this featured artist. Thank you for introducing me to this museum. They offer lots to explore on-line, too. Spending some Sunday time doing just that!

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