Splendid Stars Finish

I finished this at the very end of last year. I included a picture of it in my year-end review but never wrote about the details. Here we go:

I found a box of blocks that were all stars from similar fabrics, but I really had no idea how old they were or why I made them. Now that’s a real UFO!

I took them to retreat in the fall of 2021 and improvised a layout, making up fill-in blocks as I went along.

…then made additional blocks and strips to fill in the holes

Yes, there were lots of partial seams.

When it came back from the quilter, I decided to do the “faux piping” binding that I hadn’t done in a long time. It came out just fine. There are instructions several places online.

And here’s the finished quilt:

Splendid Stars, 51″ x 53″

Quilt Stats

Name: Splendid Stars

Pattern: None; various star blocks were arranged improvisationally

Finished size: 51″ x 53″

Quilted by: Susan Holmes



13 thoughts on “Splendid Stars Finish

  1. Very nice! I like how you improvised to make more stars and filler places, though I know how those partial seams work! Inevitably when I start cobbling pieces together, especially when I’m piecing a lot of negative space behind a featured section, I join lots of partial seams. Oddly enough, that’s when a quilter will ask me, “Do you have a pattern for this quilt?” Ha, ha. No way. They’d hate me if I gave them a pattern to duplicate mine! Glad to know you’ve created this lovely finish.

  2. Splendid Stars is just…splendid! In the last few posts I’ve read of yours, I’m getting all kinds of ideas to use up those blocks in my Completed Patches box. Do you find that you tend to work in similar colors? So many of my quilt hues are so different from each other, so I wondered.

    I need to try that piped edge treatment. It is very beautiful on your stars quilt, bringing the shining yellow to frame the heavenly stars. Love this one!

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