Various Updates

First, a “word to the wise”: If you bring something to be mended, it may be patched with scraps from the quilt-in-progress 😀

One of the happy things last year was that, in a brief pause of the pandemic, I had a visit from a blogging friend, Laura of Purple Tulip Music. It was fun to meet her and to find out how much we have in common–no surprise, I guess, since we read each other’s blogs.

I made both grandsons pillow-mats for Christmas, having learned of them from a friend. It was a good use for all the pieces of polyester fleece I had stored in a box. There are  instructions several places online.

And finally, I have a couple of new classes coming up at Studio Stitch. One is a shirt, just to see if there’s any interest in clothing classes. The other is one of my favorite quilt projects: A scrap quilt made from leftovers of all the quilts made in the past year! Here are pictures of the two projects:

Anybody have special plans for 2022?



10 thoughts on “Various Updates

  1. Holy craziness – I turned on WP reader and saw not just a teeny photo of myself, but a huge honkin’ one!
    HA! So glad we got to visit in-between-pandemic-pauses.
    I like those pillow-mats – looks like your grandsons do too!
    Happy 2022, Zip.

  2. Love reading your posts and I would be interested in the scrap quilt. I really need something else to fill my busy schedule and add to my other unfinished projects of previous years!!! But I love that “Irish Chain” look of quilts – twist my arm! Guess we all have those unfinished projects and we’re going to finish, right?

    Dianne Wilson

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  3. It’s Laura! You know we all love Laura and her musings! So awesome you all got to connect in person! The room that you both were in must have become overwhelmed with all that creative energy!
    Nice gift idea for the grandsons!
    My special plans (to answer your question) is to work on UFOs and I might get to meet our blogging buddy Chela in 2022 (if she ends up visiting Denver) 🙂

  4. Love those pillow mats. My husband could use one, but then there’s the getting back up off the floor, which at our age is a challenge.

    I still love that blouse you made; hope the class carries. And that scrap quilt is so terrific! What a good idea–I’m always filing away the leftovers in my scrap drawers, but so much better to get them into use.

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