The Rest of the Story

True confession: The reason I made that shirt a couple of weeks ago was to work out the kinks in the pattern so I could make THIS shirt:

I found this fabric at Studio Stitch a couple of months ago and knew I just HAD to make a summer shirt from it! But of course I didn’t want to risk ruining it, so the first one was a practice piece made from inexpensive fabric. (A sewing teacher a number of years ago encouraged me to make my fitting “muslin” from fabric I could wear so the work wouldn’t be wasted.)

I love this fabric because it reminds me of Japanese summer yukata. I’m pretty sure the sharks are quirky American humor, though.

I wanted little red buttons in the shape of blood drops, but of course there were none to be found. Perhaps it’s just as well. The pin, a vintage James Avery sand dollar, surely is more socially appropriate 😀

15 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story

  1. Ha!!! Ohmygosh I love it!! I’m just imagining the comments and questions you’ll get when you wear it… especially from kids!

  2. Great idea to use ‘lesser quality but fun fabric’ instead of muslin for the pattern mock-up. If it works, then you have a piece you can wear – if not, you have a piece that can be cut up (after alterations etc are done on the mockup) and put in the quilter’s scrap bin.
    Your shirt above looks fun and breezy without being cheezy! HA! Is it 100% cotton or ???
    I went to the Studio Stitch website and found a few ‘clearance’ fabrics I like – however fabric contents are not included in the descriptions. Just noting it. I especially like the ‘design board’ way of collecting fabrics for consideration.
    Don’t you have a class you’re teaching coming up on their schedule sometime soon?

    • The ladies at Studio Stitch will always answer questions about their fabric; just phone them. Although they have a few bolts of fabric for clothing, almost everything is quality quilting cotton. I made both shirts out of quilting cotton, but one requires ironing and the other doesn’t. Go figure!

  3. Hi,

    I subscribe to your weekly e-mails and I just got an e-mail that asked me for my address so that I could receive a book that was generated by random number. The e-mail address on that post was [ | ] . Is this a scam from someone using your name or is a legitimate request.

    Thank you,

    Sharon Edwards

  4. An elegant, beautifully made garment. I don’t think I would have noticed that they are sharks if you had not pointed it out. But I did notice the button (pin) immediately.
    Enjoy wearing it. I am sure it will turn heads.

  5. I love love this shirt, but am curious–buttons are in a hidden placket? The first shirt showed it with buttons, but these seem to be invisible. Great fabric and your quirky desire to have blood-drop buttons made me smile. I need to do some garment sewing–maybe this will inspire me!

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