An Unusual Fabric Find

It has been our privilege for the past 15 years to live in the woods on land that backs up to a national forest. Even better, there is a waterfall just a mile above the house and we hike there often. The mountain is rocky, so there are numerous other small cataracts everywhere.

We love it, so we hike often (especially now, when we know we’ll be moving away).

Although we do see signs of other people on the trail, we have never in all this time met anyone in the woods! Recently we saw another sign of someone on the trail:
Since it appeared to be fabric, I picked it up and turned it over.

And took it home and washed and dried it.Now it will be part of a quilt. I’m still thinking, but it may be an art quilt commemorating that trail.

17 thoughts on “An Unusual Fabric Find

  1. What a lucky find for you! That piece is gorgeous and was meant to be in your hands. Do you have a guess as to the maker/designer, or even what it was? Whatever you make with it, it will surely have special meaning.

  2. That is an amazing find. And what a coincidence that Tierney lost hers. There is a group here that paints rocks and hides them. The directions say “keep or rehide”. I wonder if someone took theirs and wound up “rehiding it.

  3. It would be a good ‘waterfall’ in a landscape quilt. The little yellow spots being a sparkling of the sun on the water as it flows down hill. πŸ™‚ Just an idea.

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