Extra Tula Blocks

Tula Pink is clear in the intro to her City Sampler book that users should modify or skip blocks as desired.  I’m not a big fan of tiny blocks with many, many pieces, so I’ve skipped some of hers and invented my own as well as modified some of hers.  Here are a few of mine, just in case you want some alternatives, too.

These are slight modifications of her designs:

And here are some that I made just for the sake of using novelty fabric:

Here are a couple I made from other patterns:

Finally, here are some I made improvisationally, mostly from scraps left from the other blocks:


Show me yours?

11 thoughts on “Extra Tula Blocks

  1. How nice that you’re making it your own. I’ve known quiltmakers who’ve followed the book to the letter, and others, like you who are making it personal. I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself.

  2. This is the most creative way I’ve seen of using those cute (but hard to use) novelty fabrics. Sounds like you’re settling in fantastically in your new home just down the street from a quilt shop. Lucky duck!

    • We are actually in a transitional house, waiting for ours to be finished one of these days. But I set up the living room of our “halfway house” as a sewing studio and am doing fine. And yes, thank goodness for being able to use those novelty fabrics I was “forced” to buy!

  3. These are absolutely delightful! Love the quirkiness of all the blocks and your improvisational ones are lovely in a different way. I wish I did have something similar to show you…

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