A Few Favorite Christmas Patterns

If you put up a Christmas tree at your home, the tree skirt probably is part of the fun. Because of that, I thought I’d feature a couple of tree skirts I’ve made in the past few years. The patterns were fun and the only potentially difficult part of the construction was the need for bias binding on the scalloped edges.

Garden Gate Quilts
“Trees All Around”, class sample made from the pattern by Quilted Garden Designs

I love the tree skirt with Christmas trees!. Family members loved it, too, so I had to make more than one 😀 It was also a good way to use some of the Christmas fabrics I’ve been unable to resist! I used fusible applique, so it was pretty quick and easy.

Quilted Christmas tree skirt
Snowmen All Around, my class sample from a pattern by Quilted Garden Designs

A year of so later I found this additional tree skirt pattern by the same designer. I love it too, so of course I had to make it.

Which reminds me of this pattern, by Joni Pike, which I reduced to half size so our daughter could use it as a wall hanging rather than a lap quilt. The pattern is called “Frosty Flakes” #806, but I have been unable to find the publisher on the internet recently.

Frosty Flakes, Sew Special Designs

I loved this one, too. I guess, when it comes to winter holidays, I’m trapped in what my friend Elizabeth calls the “dungeon of cute”. So I’ll quit for now!

What cute stuff have you made for Christmas or other holidays?

11 thoughts on “A Few Favorite Christmas Patterns

  1. Those tree skirts are pretty cute! What a genius way to use a scalloped edge. Since Christmas has been just the two of us for the past 12 years, we don’t put up a tree. And “Frosty Flakes”! Wow. That’s a blast from the past. I met Joni Pike at Quilt Market, years ago, in Kansas City. We had dinner together. I wonder what she’s up to now.

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