Project Planner!

So, here’s the new Quilter’s Project Planner, which I’ve already started using!

Photo courtesy of C&T

I love paper planners generally and was already planning to do a post about this one, then my friends at C&T invited me to take part in this Social Media Tour.  Woo!  Be sure to check at the end of the post for other blogs on the tour and for a chance to win your own copy of the planner.

Yes, it’s formatted to start in January (holiday hint for someone?), but I don’t see why I can’t start in September and go through August of 2021.

Ha! Fixed to suit me!

I’ve decided to use the planner for my own designs.  And yes, I design at least one quilt a month, I just choose not to sell patterns.  You get to see all the quilts here eventually, and some of the patterns are done for Studio Stitch to give away, so there are sources if you want to make my quilts.

The planner includes the kind of features you’d expect but without the bulk of some of the other quilting planners I’ve tried.  There are pages for planning individual projects as well as pages for quiilting goals, etc.

Photo courtesy of C&T

I’ve already started the project for September and filled out part of the pages.  (The quilt shown isn’t the real thing, but my preliminary drawing from EQ8.)

Here are the other blogs on the tour for you to visit:

9/9 C&T Publishing kickoff
9/10 Terificreations- Teri Lucas
9/11 Quiltville- Bonnie Hunter
9/12 Quilt Fabrication- Susan Arnold
9/13 Zippy Quilts- Mary Puckett
9/14 Lilo Bowman
9/15 SewVeryEasy – Laura Coia
9/16 Slice of Pi- Laura Piland
9/17 C&T Publishing

And if you’d like a chance to win a copy of the planner, leave a comment and include your email.  My husband will draw a winner after the blog hop ends on September 17, so you must enter before midnight on September 17 to be considered.  C&T will contact the winner by email to get an address for sending the planner. Sorry, but U.S. addresses only.

Image courtesy of C&T

As always, please note:  C&T provides books to me for review, but I only blog about my favorites.  Links in my blog are NOT affiliate links; they are for your convenience but do not provide income to me.


174 thoughts on “Project Planner!

  1. I like your idea of writing a pattern each month and keeping all your ideas in one place. That would help me!! I love to look at a quilt and try to figure out how it was made and where the blocks begin and end, etc. It’s a puzzle and I’m a math/puzzle addict. I hope your husband picks me!! I sure need some organization. Thanks.

  2. Now that I’m almost retired, this planner would help me organize the things I want to do. I am enjoying the blog hop learn many new things

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to win this Quilter’s Planner. I am so in the need to be organized with my projects and due dates. Luckily I haven’t missed any. I love your site. I haven’t heard of your site but I will be adding as a great one to follow.

  4. There are so many great features to this planner…most of them would help me get my act together! Ha! Anything to help me document and schedule my sewing time is great!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  5. I would love the planner. I love “to do lists”! I especially would like to look back and remember charity quilts I gave away. Sometimes my pile of ufo’s can be discouraging but having monthly progress plotted out and completed would be satisfying!

  6. This would be so much more helpful than just writing notes on pieces of paper or even in a notebook! So many spaces for information I would have forgotten about or never thought of until it was too late.

  7. First time on your site. I shall spend a little time looking around. Came for the planner but will stay for the quilts😁

  8. I love planners, and check lists, and coloring things in, so this looks like a great fit for me!
    wordygirl (at) earthlink (dot) net

  9. Gosh, the planner sure is pretty, and the reason for it sure makes sense. But I’ve never been a write-it-down-on-paper sort of person. I discovered, early-on, that when I goal-set that way, all I felt was great anxiety about the list, and how in the world could I get it all done?! My mental list is sufficient to keep me on-task, yet not burden me with the black-and-white evidence of it. 🙂 So, please don’t enter me in the giveaway, but thanks for sharing this! It would make a great gift for anyone but me! 😉

  10. I love your idea for starting the planner now and not waiting. It looks like it has so much helpful info, too. I would love to win a copy.

  11. I dont know what happened to my post so I’ll do it again. I’m sorry if this is a duplicate. I love your idea of starting the planner now. I would love a copy of this.

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