More Rabbits!

After showing the Rabbits! quilt made from Debbie Maddy’s “Usagi” pattern, I lent the quilt itself to a local shop that carries the commercial version of Debbie’s Shibori-dyed fabric.  Then I decided to teach the quilt at Studio Stitch in Greensboro, so I made a second quilt using bright Grunge.

I don’t know if you can see it in the close-up below, but I did Quilt As You Go, using Marianne Haak’s method.  She has nice video tutorials on her website if you want to learn.  I found this method easier than some of the older ones, and neater than the “modern”  QAYG method recently publicized elsewhere.  As a bonus, the quilt came out nice and square!

Quilt stats: More Rabbits!

Finished size: 45″ x 45″

Pattern: “Usagi” by Debbie Maddy

Fabric: Grunge for the rabbits; fabric from stash for the sashing, border, and binding

Help from: Jerri on fabric selection

Quilted by me, using QAYG technique

Batting:  Quilter’s Dream,  Dream Green Request Loft

9 thoughts on “More Rabbits!

  1. Mary,
    Hi. I’m Carol Allen’s daughter.
    Just wanted you to know mom has been in and out of the hospital with all manner of issues, but things seem to be on the right track now.

    The brief history is that she wasn’t feeling all that great on 2/10, went to the ER on Saturday 2/15, didn’t really get much resolution there. By the following Friday the 21st she was back to the ER and a CAT scan revealed that she had some serious abdominal infection. They did emergency surgery, repaired some sections of large intestine, removed others, put in an ostomy, and cleaned out a good deal of puss and infection from the abdominal cavity. Things looked pretty grim that Friday night when I left the hospital. The doc has a real sense of worst case scenario and not much bedside manner.

    She bounced back pretty well and stepped down from ICU after a week, and then was out to a rehab facility a few days after that. After three days in the rehab place though, she was weak as a kitten and could not stand, even with support. Last Thursday they sent her back to the ER and after a fourth blood culture they found that she had a bacterial infection in her blood stream. Heavy-duty antibiotics for the last three days has given great improvement and it looks like she will be transferred back to the rehab center sometime today. Of course she will switch to oral antibiotics and stay on those for another series of days.

    I think that catches you up to where we are. I’d be happy to add your real email address to the distribution list that I am sending out updates on. If you will reply to this email with it, then I’ll know. I don’t send out updates every day, just when there is news to report.


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